Business Card Counting Method

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Whenever a black game commences and / or decks are shuffled, you will need to reset your running count. The running starts value is -2 multiplied by decks within your shoe. So, an eight deck shoe comes with an initial running count of -16. A six deck shoe is -12.

When each blackjack hand is played, they are examined and points are included on the running count. Cards with values between two and six count as +1 point. Cards with values of ten or aces count as -1.

Black seven cards (clubs and spades) count as +1 point, while red seven cards, eight cards and nine cards don t have an value. It is this division in the seven cards that gives the name Red Seven somewhere.

The business card counting method requires you to use two bets. The bottom bet will probably be the table minimum. You bet the minimum in the count isn’t advantage. The high bet is much period of time bet. Should you be low bet is $10, the high bet is $100.

Whenever the running count becomes beyond zero, you bet the high bet. Within the count is zero or below you wager the minimum.

Do you wish to know more about the Red Seven method? Need to find out the Hi-Lo counting method and / or KO Count methods? Play blackjack online right away free of charge and let the computer show you the ropes it is possible to count cards nearly recognized to have a dozen different card counting methods.

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